Wylde St Macquarie ACT

Project Description

Hail storms swept through Canberra on 20th January 2020 producing golf ball size hail stones big enough to smash car windows, injury birds and dent many metal roofs in its wake. The storm only lasted approx. 15mins and caused many millions of dollars worth of damage to all types of roofs in Canberra including this beautiful residential property in Wylde Place Macquarie ACT. Dent’s in metal roofs can greatly reduce the life expectancy due to removing top layers of paint and creating structural weak points within the sheet.

Wylde St Macquarie ACT

Macquarie ACT
October 2020
Ace Gutters


Due to the design and landscaping of this property this limited our use of handling equipment to both bring down and lift up roofing materials. We utilised a telehandler and manpower to achieve the heavy lifting. Material stack required break down to small enough amounts due to the roof loading capabilities being limited. Being a residential property this was also a live site which required careful management.


This modern look utilising custom orb profile called Ace Corry is manufactured from DURAKOTE® high tensile pre-painted steel with a premium paint finish specifically built to withstand the harsh Australian environment.