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Whether you need new Commercial Roofing, a full Commercial Roof Replacement, or just some basic repairs, we’ve got your Commercial work covered.

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Commercial Roofing Solutions

Commercial roofing relates to projects such as commercial premises, shops, schools, hospitals, and other business premises. We specialise in all facets of Industrial, Commercial and Residential metal roofing.

If you need a new roof or replacement of an existing or asbestos roof, feel confident that we have fully licensed and qualified Roof Plumbers to complete any project. As is the case with industrial roofing, commercial roofing project timelines are critical to any business when replacing a roof or installing a new roof.

Enhance Metal Roofing handle Project Management from start to finish. Our experienced and qualified commercial roofers give you the assurance that your project will be completed on time and on budget. All roofing works are guaranteed to meet product specifications and Australian building codes. We recommend metal roofing for all commercial roofing projects because it is hard wearing, long lasting and suited to various roof pitches over small and large roof areas. Installation is made easy as it is lightweight and will provide you with a large selection of professional solutions to create the right roofing system to meet your needs.

At Enhance Metal Roofing we can throw a full team onto large commercial roofing projects or split into smaller crews for more specialised work. We’ve worked on high rise building in high traffic areas, co-ordinating cranes, elevated work platforms, traffic control and local council.

Industrial Roofing Solutions

Industrial roofing caters for warehouses, factories, farms and shops. We pride ourselves on our experience to execute small to large projects. For any industrial project, the timeline is crucial. At Enhance Metal Roofing, we can manage the entire project for you, ensuring that everything is done on time. Our team members are highly experienced and professional roofers who will be able to complete the project within the agreed upon schedule. At the same time, we assure our clients that all work will be completed in accordance with Australian building codes and the highest quality standards. Metal roofing is our top recommendation for any industrial roofing job. That’s because it can take a lot of wear and tear and still last a long time. It’s also well suited to all roof sizes. Another reason we favour metal roofing is because of the easy installation. Metal roofs tend to be lightweight, and our team will help you find the right metal roofing option for your building.